LVX MACHINA is THE band of the moment in Romanian electronic music

                                                                                                      BOGDAN ȘERBAN / RADIO GUERRILLA

“Years from now, we'll remember this edition 

of Summer Well festival because of Lvx Machina”




LVX MACHINA are one of the most unconventional and spectacular bands in Romania. "GOLAN de LVX" spent 11 weeks on the 1st place in TOP 40 Radio Guerrilla and the single "HELLO HOLLA" was no. 1 for 9 weeks in the same top. Their videos won countless awards at film festivals around the world. LM's sound is a melange of electronica / rap / trap / ethnic, but what makes them stand out is the live shows and the lyrics.

Chris Corvin is an actor, director and DJ/music producer. Since 2012, he divides his time between New York and Bucharest. He has worked, among others, with Francis Ford Coppolla and appeared in the hit series “The Blacklist”. He directed all the videos for LVX MACHINA and as a DJ performed in many clubs in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He can also be found behind the decks in Club Control - Bucharest.

An experimental artist, Yvat was a sound designer for the prestigious soundbanks Ueberschall Sample Service (Germany) and PowerFX (Sweden). Yvat's first album - Concert for Violin, appeared on the English label Experimental Seafood Recordings, attracting the attention of BBC Radio 3 and the renowned John Peel, who broadcasted it.



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